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Battery Education/Facts
Battery University
Information on battery service products
Battery articles and the book "Batteries in a Portable World"
Statistical battery information
Leading International Business Research Company
Battery engineering Forum at Eng-Tips Battery engineering technical support forum and mutual help system for engineering professionals. Selling and recruiting forbidden.

Battery Industry Associations
Advanced Configuration & Power Interface
Batteries 2004
Battery Council International
Battery Product Trade Association of the World
Electronic Industries Alliance
EPBA (European Portable Battery Association)
NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association)
Portable Rechargeable Battery Association (PRBA)
Unterwriters Labratories test lab

Battery Manufacturers
Benchmark IC Manufacturer
Linear Technology Corp.
Maxim IC manufacturer
Saft Battery
Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.

Battery Publications
Batteries Digest
Batteries and Energy Storage Technology
Battery Man - International Publication
Battery Power Products & Technology
Battery Technology Trends
Portable Design
Statistics - Power Supplies/Batteries Market

Battery Recycling Organizations
Advanced Configuration & Power Interface
Industry Program to Collect Nickel-Cadmium
Portable Rechargeable Battery Association
Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation
Recycling Council of Ontario
Recycling Services USA by ZipCode
Smart Battery System Forum

Environment Agency & Legal Links
Implementation of the Mercury-Containing and Rechargeable Battery Management Act
US Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA)
US EPA Certified RBRC Battery Recycling Seal
US EPA Information on the Universal Waste Rule governing the collection, storage, and transportation of used batteries
US EPA official full text of the Universal Waste Rule

Miscellaneous Services
Amateur Radio Conversions
Battery Alliance
Battery Handling Systems
Camcorder Reviews
Motion Industry Camera Resouce
Microphone/Radio Connector Guide
Ham Radio on the Net
Huret Associates, battery consultants
The Roethle Group, Inc.
Troubleshooting and Repair of Consumer Electonics Equipment
The Ultimate Guide for Sheriffs
Battery Canada
Amateur Radios Links
General Batteries Links

Camcorder Video
Cellular Phone
Two Way Radio
BarCode Scanner
BarCode Printers

Online Community

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